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Patented 30 liter one-way slim line stainless steel keg with patented
fitting/ tapping head system for beer export

WorldKeg®, the world’s first one-way stainless steel keg, celebrated its debut at Brau Beviale 2016 fair in Nuremberg. The global innovation consists of a patent pending cylindrical body with a laser-welded longitudinal seam and two deep-drawn cover. On the upper side there is a stackable plastic handle as well as an also patented single use fitting equipped with a dispense head with 5/8 and 1/2 inch thread. This makes a worldwide use without additional equipment possible. The non refillable 30 liter keg has a diameter of 280 mm and a height of 600 mm which fits nearly in every bar. The price of a WorldKeg® is in the range of a premium PET keg.

  • Technical and technological identical to a standard stainless steel keg – no CO2 losts
  • No working capital tied up in kegs
  • No capital risk associated with lost, damaged or heavily polluted keg


  • No back transport of empty keg
  • Reduced freight cost by better usage of available container or truck space (“slimkeg design”)
  • Filling with standard keg facilities
  • Explosion proof (steel cannot explode like PET)
  • Integrated burst protection at approximately 15 bar
German Product Design, German Manufacuring, German Quality

WorldKeg production in Germany

  • Company Name: EMK GmbH in Allstedt/ Germany
  • private owned 1995
  • Established in 1896
  • 125 employees – Specialized in thin stainless plate working starting from 0,2mm – length welded tubes
  • TÜV certification
  • Usage of DIN ISO 9001

Advantage: Recyclability

-100% recyclability

-no disposal cost, instead scrap value per WorldKeg of about $1.30 (€1.20)

-no need to charge a deposit (lower hurdle for customers)

-best environmental footprint of all packaging for export (including returnable kegs)