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Founder / Project Lead

Business Management

  • Successful build up of a worldwide distribution network
  • Creation of budget planning and financing models
  • Conclusion of long-term agreements with manufacturers
  • Successful realization of a start-up company
  • Turnover- and result orientation through cost management
  • Readiness of mind and holistic point of view


  • Creation and enforcement of a marketing concept
  • Systems business development of packaging, machines and commodities
  • Structuring of a worldwide sales network
  • Organization of an internal sales department
  • Confidence during conclusion of an agreement
  • Motivation and management of employees and sales representatives


  • Brand and CI development
  • Strategic build up of a product line
  • Strategy development for national and international market
  • Designing of a Key Account strategy
  • Generation of an unique selling point through product development
  • Market investigation for constant further development of product portfolio

My Story – Experience in beverage industry for over 20 years

Since 01.04.2006 MBO – Foundation of Cool-System KEG GmbH, Fürth, Managing Partner

  • 100% partner
  • I acquired a worldwide exclusive distribution licence from Cool-System Bev. GmbH and concluded a exclusive supply agreement with CS Metallbau GmbH, as the usage of EU subsidies at CS Metallbau GmbH had required a management separation into a distribution company and into a production company. Exclusive agreements with miscellaneous producers were closed to assure the commissions for commodities.
  • Customized further development of the product;
  • Optimization of material purchasing for the CoolKeg to increase the margin.
  • Build up of system distribution – Regeneration equipment / Labelling machines and tapping system for the CoolKeg
  • Build up of a multilingual intern distribution department, worldwide acquisition of new customers, expansion of representative net worldwide. 6 international sales representatives on 5 continents. The exclusive distribution license expired on 31.12.2011; Turnover approximately 3 – 4 Mio/a

01.04.2000 – 31.03.2006 Employee, General Manager of Cool-System Bev. GmbH, Fürth

  • Start up company with the worldwide marketing target of a selfchilling beer keg – product name CoolKeg. Foundation on 01.04.2000;
  • Purchasing of CoolKeg patent, Participation in the development of CoolKeg;
  • Development of tapping systems for the CoolKeg; Development and patenting of regeneration, labelling and de-labelling equipment.
  • CoolKeg brand and logo development, CI development CoolSystem;
  • CoolKeg appeared in the press already 6 months after the presentation of the world’s first. After 9 months I had my first order for above 20.000 CoolKeg = 3,6 Mio. DM turnover, The building of an own production company was necessary;
  • Raising of subsidies in the amount of 4 Mio. from EU to enable the building of CoolKeg production plant; expansion of production line in in 2002/2003– CS Metallbau GmbH – in Burkau – 18 employees;
  • It succeed very quickly to achieve a basic capacity utilisation for the own production plant, due to self-contained decision function and negotiation of orders and conclusion of long-term leasing agreements for CoolKegs and machines; Build up of marketing and intern distribution team – 3 employees;
  • Preparation of distribution material in D/E/ESP/RUS/F/I ; Worldwide Acquisition of new customers, Build up of a representative net, Turnover approximately 4 – 8 Mio/a.

01.04.1994 – 31.03.2000 Sales Manager Germany; since 1995 Sales Director Central Europe at Riverwood Mehrstückverpackung GmbH, Pulheim near Cologne

  • Riverwood International had been a US market leader regarding system business with cardboard packaging and leasing of packaging machines. The beginning in Central Europe had been extremely complicated, as we don’t focused on own strengths, but tried to place orders at dropping down prices. The turnover in 1993 was below 1 Mio. DM.
  • The strategic focusing on „Fully Enclosed“packaging and complete dispatching of packaging machines incl. professional execution enabled us the market leadership within shortest time.
  • The acquisition of new customers took place in D/ A/ CH/ BeNeLux; Since 1995 management of two field force employees in BeNeLux/ D/ PL/ A.;
  • Business Unit Development in divisions internal distribution department, Projectmanagement, Service, Development of Packaging and quality assurance
  • Technical design of packaging machines, planning of Riverwood – packaging machines for existing equipment; Purchasing of conveyors and system-relevant machines for the project execution
  • Support of Global Marketing in technical specifications / respectively in definition of requirement profile for the machines and packaging concept development
  • Technical clearing of orders with operating departments in Germany, USA and Spain
  • Realization of 29 machines installations within 6 years and a turnover forcardboard boxes and machines of 35 Mio. DM in 1999.

14.01.1991 – 31.03.1994 Sales Engineer at KHS Maschinen- und Anlagenbau AG/Dortmund – Sales Office Hesse, Thuringia and Saxony, Kaufungen near Kassel

My Interests

Products all about packaging, production and distribution of beverages

CoolSystem KEG GmbH was founded in 2006 by Gerd-Albrecht Graf and has been contributing to the world of packaging with innovative designs and products.

Brewery- and Beverage industry

Technical know-how through apprenticeship and practice

Excellent contacts in the brewery and beverage sector

A very good knowledge of decision structure in national and international groups.


Address: Coolsystem KEG GmbH, Flössaustrasse 7, 90763 Fürth

Phone:+49 (0) 911 / 2530-160